Starting in Aug 2017! We will be launching P5 ACE Maths classes from Aug 2017! This is a rigorous enrichment learning regime that infused FUN while tackling the dry and challenging concepts. ACE Maths will build three pillars of core values: Analytical – Critical thinking skills Curiosity – “I want to learn more” will be self driven Experiential – Invoking major senses that comes with lots of FUN Come for our P5 Ace Maths trail class on 5 Aug 2017. Sign up now, and we will reserve a spot for your child. We assure you our classes are not run like typical tuition classes.

ACE Maths enrichment series has been carefully crafted to teach and train students on critical thinking and concept application in solving mathematical problems. It is the brainchild of our Maths Mentor. As a primary school Maths Specialist for the last 3 decades, she has extensive experience in imparting Maths skills to students. She has infused fun-filled experiential learning into dry concepts, making learning more effective. In addition, she is in charge of her current school Maths Olympiad program. ACE Maths is a fun based learning concept that teaches critical thinking skills with mathematical contents in the primary school syllabus. But don’t let the fun part mislead you into thinking it is all play. It is more than just play! When your child attends an ACE Maths class, he/she will be expected to work on challenging problems and are guided to keep up with the pace. Any child attending ACE Maths enrichment classes is expected to improve to above average standard, and even ACING Maths. That is possible as we inculcate the ACE traits in your child!

In ACE Maths classes, we engage the children and stroke their curiosity by using objects with hands on experiential learning to make dry and difficult concepts easier to understand. Here are 2 questions using colored buttons and origami paper. Try them, and see if you know the answers (given below).

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